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The Best in Percale Sheets & Bedding

Percale Bedding: Super Smooth and Combed Fabric to Ensure Unwavered Naptimes

Bedsheets are the most important thing in the world. It wasn’t until I encountered Percale that my love for quality bedding materials flourished. I started paying more attention to thread counts, the smoothness quotient and the overall fabric that constituted the bedding. But no matter what, my new found Percale bedding always stood up and still stands as my personal favorite.

Percale Bedding

For those who haven’t come across the word before, Percale is a style followed whilst weaving the fabric used for bedding. In the history, “Percale” likely comes from the Persian word “pargalah,” meaning “rag.” Thus, these sheets are far from rag-like as its woven on looms fabric. It is a plain-weave fabric where the threads get tightly woven to emanate a fine texture. The thread count in a fabric decides its strength, softness and lustrous factor.  Percale packs in a whooping 200 to 300 thread counts in its fabric structure making it a smooth, closely woven, flat and combed fabric. Fabric with this weave feels the same on both sides and the tighter the weave, the smoother the sheets feel.

Why Go for Percale Bedding?

Apart from the apparent aforementioned reasons, I personally feel the Percale weave make extraordinary bedding.

I’ve literally have gone all ‘Percale’ at home. All my sheets are sizzling in Percale fabric and I find them super crisp. They flaunt their clear matte finish like they have been bought recently, (they are a year old now by the way) and keep exhuming its charm. Feeling them on my skin is a delightful that I enjoy. You could just imagine how much I love my bedtime! They are exceptional during summer. The fabric is really light and the softness is downright mindboggling. My bedroom looks like an enchanting magical place with its luminous presence and that’s what I love the most about having it around when I go yawning into its understanding covers.

My percale sheets get machine washed easily which is a factor of prime importance whenever I am buying sheets for my family. I don’t like spending hours washing bedding to get rid of stains and smears, and Percale ensures that I don’t. The extravaganza my bedding jackhammers home is a talk of the town. People who visit us often compliment us on our bedding choices. I give them a smug smile!

Whether you’ve been searching for sheets that are a close approximation of your grandma’s crisp sheets from your childhood or you’ve been trying to find a set of sheets that won’t pill the first time you think about washing them, you’ve finally decided to take the plunge. If you too wish to avail the beauty, comfort and authenticity of pure Percale bedding, you could try these spectacular options. I have pigeonholed them in the right categories for you to have a better insight.

Best Percale Sheets & Bedding of All Time!

HIGHEST QUALITY GUARANTEED! Packing in excellent quality Percale characteristics is this Percale sheet set which has extra deep pockets to cater your pillow top mattresses with maximum ease. I personally trust Tribeca Living for their exceptional products and I prefer buying Percale sheets manufactured by the brand owing to their quality finish. This right here packs in 300 thread counts so you can imagine how smooth it really is.

American Baby Company Percale Fitted Crib sheet: A percale sheet that fits standard sized crib mattresses to perfection, it is a very easy to install sheet. The wavy pattern that bestows its beauty upon its surface is something that would fill your baby in unmatched rapture.

With ravishing qualities of Percale to ensure a luxurious sleeping affair, every parent would want their kids to enjoy the most comfortable naptime and wake up reinvigorated and revitalized to have hours of non-stop fun. If you would want that for your baby too, I would say the following Percale bedding would come in handy. Not only are these spectacular to look at, but they are also very comfortable to sleep on.

Percale Bedding for Toddlers/Babies

Bed Hog Percale Duvet Cover set: Packing in softness galore is the outstanding duvet cover set that comes with a roaring 400 thread count to enhance its smoothness. An exceptional quality duvet cover set to ensure you slumber into a dreamy world within minutes.


Patterned Percale Sheets

Cotton Percale sheets come in patterns as well. You can make the most of sumptuous patterns provided by Nautica to decorate and furbish your house into disinterring a peaceful grace. With a touchable weave and a super-soft thread, this colorful sheet set offers your bed superb comfort along with fashionable prints. There are appealing colors to choose from that will look really good in your interiors.

Cheap Percale Sheets

Trying to buy the perfect sheets for a perfect night’s sleep in the bargain bin of the cheapest store in town isn’t the right way to approach this. Embellish your interiors with the help of this stunning cotton percale sheet set, which goes easy on your pockets too. Meaning you can avail of the Percale charm and comfort at a considerable low price. Based upon your current decor, invest in a color that suits your bedroom furnishing the best.

American Baby Brand

An exquisite gray pattern that will aid you to accentuate the baby room, the percale cotton sheet set is a must-have. The bright creative prints on the sheets would complement any decor. So soft that your baby will ease into sleep in a jiffy!

Enthralling 4 pieces of top-notch quality Percale fabric that will literally cover all your baby sleeping requirements, this American Baby Company variant is a remarkable wonder of grandeur. Available in five different vibrant colors the bedding set will literally stand in the vanguard as the main decorator of your child’s room. I have bought this set for my baby. The comforter and the flat sheet have fitted bottom which ensures Hayley’s legs don’t get caught up and cause her discomfort. It is a delight to watch her sleep, and she sleeps, well, like a baby.

I would always recommend Percale bedding over any other owing to the comfort level it provides. It has an authentic posh look that is rare in other kinds of weaves. Also, bedding produced with the famous Percale weave ends up becoming very durable in the long run, meaning it will serve as a one-time investment.

For all the careful parents who want their child to experience some great safe and sound sleeping experience, I would recommend them to fill their baby’s crib and gear with Percale wondrousness. Say no to skin irritation by investing in it, and say hello to little baby yawns.

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