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Why You Need Linen Sheets & Bedding in Your Life

There is nothing more grandeur than linen bedding. It is always my first preference when it comes to revamping my decor. Reason being is that this type of bedding is lint-free. It doesn’t succumb to pilling something that takes out all the elegant-juices from its fabric, rendering it useless and compelling  it to go to expiration-ville. Not only excellent for summer, linen bedding also stays comfortable all year round. It can withstand high temperatures when you are subjecting it to hot water washing, drying or steaming.

Another reason that I prefer linen sheets to other kinds of bedding is owing to the fact they are really smooth to touch. Unlike, a general perception owing to its looks, it isn’t stiff or rough. Sleeping on a bed sheet made of linen is like relaxing on clouds. It becomes smoother and softer with time.  I have been chilling out cool as a cucumber on my favorite linen sheets for the past two years now and believe me there is nothing smoother.

The popular “linen look” also packs in a natural luster that is quite rare in other materials. It literally redefines the word luxury as it provides you ample comfort whenever you are tucked in it. Strongest of fabrics that you will ever find, it ends up being very durable in the long run. It is also resistant to stain and dirt which is something I look forward to in a comforter, duvet and bed sheet.

Linen Sheets & Bedding

Now that you know why I am a linen bedding aficionado, I will suggest some of the finest linen bedding products that are simply irresistible.


1. Len Linum ⊕ $Buy HereEuropean Made · Pure Linen Sheets Set · 100% Organic · Natural Flax With a magic like comfort, Len Linum walks in with this beauty that is downright spectacular in its look and feel. It cashes in on its natural linen color that is perfect for your bedroom. Irrespective of the season, this will simply adapt to it. Its softness quotient is just unmatched. I bought the set a while ago, and they are still brimming up my kid’s room. Len Linum makes the of the best linen bedding sets for linen-lovers like me. 4 Colors, 5 Sizes

2. Sofia ⊕ $Buy Here100% Pure · Natural Flax · Hydroscopic · Thermo-Regulating Packing in an inviting charm is a gorgeous 4 piece set by Sofia’s Linen that will fill your room with the right vibes. The set carries a slight beige hue that will rebuff your décor and impart it the perfect effulgence. The most comfortable linen sheet set you will find, you will realize the moment you lay down to sleep. I have adorned our master bedroom with the Sofia Linen wonder and it looks absolutely stunning. Whenever I look at it, it makes me want to go sleep right away. 3 Sizes

3. Oasis ⊕ $Buy Here Vintage · 5 Year Warranty · Linen Blend With a perfect blend of linen and cotton, Oasis Fine Linens brings to you an exquisite set suggestive of its fine craftsmanship. This is the collection of it’s best linen sheets and linen pillow cases you want in your house. Embrace the vintage side in you by delving in these unique attractive product that will simply take you back in time. With extraordinary qualities squeezed right in from both linen and cotton, it takes your sleeping affair to a whole new level. 3 Colors 4 Sizes

4. Linoto $Buy Here No Wrinkle · Made in NYC · Pure · Natural Another leading brand when it comes to manufacturing extraordinary linen bedding is Linoto. They make the excellent cool and crisp bedding products. My friend Diana went for Linoto and she can’t stop raving about her purchase. She says they are supe-duper comfortable. No wonder she goes to bed to early these days. Manufactured with 100% natural linen, it will be an eco-luxury dive if you plan on getting them. They speak of extravaganza that will beam your house up with its presence. Get ready to embrace the lavishness! 12 Colors, 6 Sizes

5. Levtex $Buy Here 100% Linen · Pre-Washed Go for this luxurious linen duvet by Levtex and your sleepy nights will be entirely different. A truer bright white tint that will fill your room up with unparalleled radiance. It will impart your house a lavish feel and will embellish its pomp. With an eloquent softness that will ensure you stay in love with your naptimes, this is the perfect linen duvet cover to have.These will make your duvets look heavenly accentuating the warmth feel altogether. I have been an old customer of Levtex, and I must say, their products are simply top-notch. High quality and exceeding market and customer standards are the things they pay attention to. 2 Sizes

I would recommend you go for pure linen bedding as they are simply the best in terms of appearance, comfort, ease of washing, hypoallergenic and durability. I consider them even better than cotton, polyester and satin. You will too once you get used to it. Plunge right away!

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